Pups and their People Love our Treats!!

Heyden, Sophie and Maisey LOVE our peanut butter treats!
"My babies (Heyden, Sophie & Maisey) received the peanut butter treats as gift...they LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! - Lisa

 Zeke and Colby are Love dogs
"Zeke and Colby LOVE their treats" - Peg (they get both Parmesan Cheese and Peanut Butter :)

Team Wunderdog loves our treats!
Read what Team Wunderdog has to say - "What we LOVE:  1.  the SMELL when you open the pkg smells like a peanut butter jar just opened!  Clearly fresh and pure ingredients!  2. The size!  These are the perfect size for training and treating without excessive calories! 3. The dogs really think they are getting something really special.  They love the flavor- Evvi actually thought at first I was handing her a human food (she looked at me funny and hesitated like, "you want me to have it?"  It was comical!" - Lynn  founder of Wunderdog K-9 Training

Beckham was one of our first fans.
Beckham was one of our early fans - he loves the Parmesan Cheese ones.

Meet Newton!  he's a Good Paws fan as well - and apparently LOVES snow!
Meet Newton!  he's a Good Paws fan - and LOVES the snow :-) - Noel

Violet sunning in the violets
"Dear Good Paws - Thank you for the yummy treats! My favorite is Peanut Butter.  Doggedly wagging, - Violet (sunning in the violets with my eyes closed :)"  As translated by Violet's mom - Dorothy.

This is Pokey - he loves both Good Paws Peanut Butter and Parmesan Cheese dog treats
loves both our Peanut Butter and Parmesan Cheese treats.  His mom, Barbara, wrote a wonderful article about Good Paws in the 2017 Union Leader Holiday Planner.

 Ella and Taco loved their good paws Christmas stocking stuffer treats
Ella & Taco loved their Good Paws Christmas stocking stuffer treats - the Holdings

Chase Hamwey loves our treats and his family tried several other brands unsuccessfully before
"We rescued an 8 month old lab/pointer a few weeks ago (Sept 2017) and his favorite training treats are your Parmesan nuggets.  Chase loves them and we tried several brands!"  - Chase's family

Not sure if your precious companion will like our treats?  Try our sample package!  It comes with a no question asked - complete satisfaction guarantee!