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Why Good Paws Treats?

- Our recipes have ONLY 3 ingredients!  ...all premium quality and human friendly :) 

- Great for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs!

- LOVED by picky eaters

- Grain free and gluten free, have NO corn, wheat or soy

- Hand made in the U.S.A and sized just right!

Get some for your pup
Various pictures of the fully licensed commercial kitchen we use to make dog treats

Started at home, but now made in a commercial kitchen

Good Paws dog treats are made in a fully licensed commercial kitchen with the same premium ingredients as homemade but now using awesome equipment so we can get our treats out to you more quickly!

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Have a pup with allergies?

Our hypoallergenic apple recipe was developed with a veterinarian for dogs with significant food sensitivities and allergies. These treats are also VEGAN and particularly loved by PICKY EATERS.

Apple Recipe treats

Want to know if your dog will like our dog treats?

Try a sample package!  We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  If you dog does not love these treats, just contact us and we will refund what you spent on the sample pack including shipping.

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