About Good Paws Bakery

Our goal is to support and strengthen the loving connection between people and their canine friends and family members.  

How we got started doing this…  

 We love our two guys but sometimes we have to go places where we can’t bring them. This is a typical look we get when leaving the house without them.
2 dogs wondering where mom is going 

And when on a trip away from home, it is challenging to find at least a “little something” to bring back – just so they would KNOW we were thinking of them. Choices are often laden with not-so-great ingredients for dogs, or are expensive people toys that they destroy in 5 minutes. So we started this company with the hope of providing a conveniently available, healthful option that both canines and their people can feel good about!

We sell our treats online and in some local New Hampshire stores and previously in major airports! 

As we continue to grow, our goal is to increase the amount of profits given to animal related charitable organizations.  That was really the reason we even picked the Good Paws name!  Until we are able to make larger financial donations, described in our Giving Back page are a few other ways we support animal charities.

Good Paws has also been working with Easterseals New Hampshire.  This type of community collaboration has always been a goal of ours, and we are very excited to work with our contract employees and their staff to provide work that they enjoy.

Good Paws works with Easterseals New Hampshire to provide meaningful work for people in their programs

About the treats themselves... 

We wanted a gluten free, grain free treat that also had no corn or soy.  To replace wheat flour, we tried a number of other gluten free flours before working with chickpeas which actually is a very popular flour to use.  All our ingredients are sourced from places where people buy their food.  And one of the first pieces of advice we got was from a mom who said, "no matter what you do, make sure the treats will be OK for my kids to eat because they will be the first to try them."  Well we are happy to report, we have met that goal.  We often eat the treats ourselves much to the chagrin of our 4-legged guys. (They really are OK sharing :)  Our treats stay fresh for about 8 months.

We make our treats in a shared licensed commercial kitchen which is a wonderful place to meet other "food people" and have access to the larger equipment.  

racks of grain free good paws treats in the shared commercial kitchen

And we are a part of New Hampshire Made! -  a wonderful organization that helps promote fine products and services for New Hampshire based businesses.

New Hampshire Made member

We also had a nice article written about us in our local Windham Magazine.

Windham Magazine article on Good Paws Bakery

We hope you will try our treats, and we sincerely hope the dogs in your life love them!  Please join our mailing list and keep track of us - we will soon provide helpful information and tips to truly strengthen the connection between people and the animals they love. 


Gina Anderson (Founder) and all of us at Good Paws :-)

picture of Gina Anderson

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