How We Give Back...

One of the reasons I started Good Paws Bakery was to significantly contribute to various animal charities, and have the flexibility to pursue different ways of giving back.  Until Good Paws is able to make significant financial donations, we do what we can with the resources we have now.

Giving Time

As a volunteer, I served on the Board of Directors for the Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL) in Salem, New Hampshire.  Being on the board gave me a whole new perspective on what it takes to bring an animal from a very difficult situation into a loving "furever" home.  SARL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity and since 1992 has been an important part of the its surrounding communities.  Today it rescues and adopts close to 800 dogs and cats per year.  It was an honor to serve with these very dedicated people! 

Giving Talent

For the past 6 years I have participated in an event called "Paws & Claws for a Cause" and, as an artist, I create and donate 6"x6" pieces of artwork to be sold to benefit the Animal Rescue League in Bedford, New Hampshire.  The event is hosted by Sullivan Framing and Fine Art Gallery. This is always a really fun event, and they typically raise close to $8000 in one night!  Here are a few of the oil paintings I have donated over the years.

Donated paintings by Gina Anderson to benefit New Hampshire Animal Rescue League


Helping One Situation at a Time

Sometimes you hear about a situation and the stars just align.  Such was the case with helping Chop.  Chop was a dog who was losing his sight.  I had a dog that was having severe mobility issues so I went to a local company called Handicapped Pets in Amherst, NH to get my dog, Petey, fitted for a wheelchair device.  When I was there, I noticed that they also make a harness device called a Halo to help sight-impaired dogs.  I put 2 and 2 together (it happens sometimes :) and contacted Salem Animal Rescue League to see if they wanted to try it for Chop.  Here is a cute video of Chop being fitted for his "Halo" device.  Chop is now in a very happy home doing really well!   

In Addition...

I also donate dog treats for various events.  Whether its the opening of a farmer's market, a doggie halloween parade or as a prize for a charity events, I do love to help out when we can!  If you have a situation that you think would benefit by having some delicious doggy treats, please contact us and we will see what we can do. 

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