Copy of Pups and their People Love our Treats!!

 We have had a lot of wonderful feedback from our customers for our grain free dog treats.  Whether using them as puppy training treats or fun everyday rewards, people appreciate the simplicity of our limited ingredient dog treat recipes and find they are as close as you can get to homemade!


 LooLoo's mom, Abby, tells us that Good Paws treats are the only ones that will keep LooLoo away from the mud on days when there isn't time for a bath after their walk! 
Heyden, Sophie and Maisey LOVE our peanut butter treats! "My babies (Heyden, Sophie & Maisey) received the peanut butter treats as gift...they LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! and the fact that one of my pups is a picky eater and loves them is a HUGE WIN for us since I only have to buy one type of treat for the whole gang!! - Lisa
Zeke and Colby are Love dogs Long time customers Zeke and Colby LOVE their treats.  "I like that they are made from REAL FOOD!  I know for a fact I could eat them, and the smell is AMAZING!!" - Peg
Zero is a BIG fan. His mom, Cailyn, tried to get a photo of him looking at the bag, but he was so excited to try and open it he kept biting it!  "My problem is that sometimes treats upset my tummy.  Good Paws treats are easy for my belly to digest!" - Zero


Rosie is another one of our fans with a sensitive stomach.  Her Mom and Dad really appreciate the high quality limited ingredients and know they can safely give her Good Paws treats without any issues! They also love supporting small businesses whenever possible.- Deanna & Jamie

Vanna and Piper get very excited when they hear a bag of Good Paws treats being opened!  "We love the perfect size of the treat, and can give them a lot without feeling bad. We do not want them to get bulked up.  We know this is a healthy treat that we completely trust!" - Richard and Nancy

Teddy and Ralph LOVE to make their family happy, and we LOVE to make them happy :-)  -the McNeils

Team Wunderdog says...  "What we LOVE:  1.  the SMELL when you open the pkg smells like a peanut butter jar just opened!  Clearly fresh and pure ingredients.  2. the SIZE!  These are the perfect size for training and treating without excessive calories. 3. The dogs really think they are getting something very special!  They love the flavor!" - Lynn  founder of Wunderdog K-9 Training

Team Wunderdog loves our treats!

"Dear Good Paws - Thank you for the yummy treats! My favorite is Peanut Butter.  Doggedly wagging, - Violet (sunning in the violets with my eyes closed :)"  As translated by Violet's mom - Dorothy

Violet sunning in the violets

Tally loved her treats so much she went right over to the computer to order some more! - Cindy

Beckham (of Bedford NH) was one of our early fans - he loves the Parmesan Cheese ones.

Beckham was one of our first fans.
loves both our Peanut Butter and Parmesan Cheese treats.  His mom, Barbara, wrote a wonderful article about Good Paws in the 2017 Union Leader Holiday Planner.

This is Pokey - he loves both Good Paws Peanut Butter and Parmesan Cheese dog treats
"We rescued an 8 month old lab/pointer a few weeks ago and his favorite training treats are your Parmesan nuggets.  Chase loves them and we tried several brands!"  - Chase's family

Chase Hamwey loves our treats and his family tried several other brands unsuccessfully before
Barksley loves to do a dance before getting his cheese treats! -The Youngs


Rose LOVES helping her Dad out at work and looks forward to treat breaks too! -Nashua, NH

Mae helps her mom out at Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn, MA.  These treats gave her extra wags during her day. 

Drax, the newest addition to the Caruso clan, enjoys his Good Paws treats too!

Ella & Taco loved their Good Paws Christmas stocking stuffer treats - the Holdings

 Ella and Taco loved their good paws Christmas stocking stuffer treats
Meet Newton!  he's a Good Paws fan - and LOVES the snow :-) - Noel

Meet Newton!  he's a Good Paws fan as well - and apparently LOVES snow!

 Want to see if your precious companion will like our treats?  Try our sample package!  It comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee! 

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